A blog post about user research in an R&D environment

BBC R&D blog post: User research in an R&D environment

I’ve been so consistently busy working for clients over the past few years that I’ve found very little time to write, which is a pity because there’s always lots to share. (Though I’m ever grateful for the consistency in client work.)

I recently completed a two-year stint working on an editorial algorithms project with BBC R&D; as my last task for the team, I wrote a blog post about what I learned working as a user researcher in R&D. It seems a good idea to share the post here – for one thing, it proves I’m still alive and working! And so, here it is: User Research in an R&D Environment.

Outside of BBC R&D, I’ve recently done some copyediting for A Book Apart, which was fun, and I’m currently doing user research in the pharmaceutical industry (Pfizer specifically) for Aktiv Research. Never a dull moment.

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