Long live digital

Programming code

One day, when the inevitable happens and I die, I’m not going to have bookshelves, the books that would have gone in them, vinyls, CD’s, filing cabinets, files, photo albums, recipe snippets, address books, diaries – or any of the material ‘stuff’ we, as human beings, have tended to want/need, use, and therefore collect over a lifetime.

If things continue as they are, when I depart this (now fantastically digital) earthly abode, I’ll leave behind a Mac Book Pro, an iPhone, an iPad and a Kindle – all wonderful tools to enjoy my extensive collection of .mp3′, .m4a’, .jpg’, .png’, .azw’, .opf’, .epub,’.txt’, .rtf’, .doc’, .docx’, .pdf’, .xls’, .htm’, .css’, and even a few .com’s (like this one).

My Last Will and Testament will include details of the complex algorithms of my personal password system, and therefore unlock the key to my online world of belongings, banking, business, and socialising to those who I cherish the most.

And so, as I ascend with wings and halo into the clouds, I’ll leave loved ones behind to treasure (and archive) my life – lived in the Cloud.

Long live digital.

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  1. I’ve thought about this too… I wonder what I will leave behind for my kids. I’ve started to give them some of my childhood (paper) books, but when they run out, it’ll be the Kindle.

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