Down gizmos: a wee rant


In our very clever digital age of apps-for-everything it can be tempting to hook ourselves and our clients up to magic and cure-all wonder-machines.

As digital makers we have a plethora of gizmos and gadgets at our disposal to help people and teams get things done more efficiently, creatively and perhaps more delightfully.

I’m regularly asked: Do you think gizmo ‘x’ is good? Well, yes, it is an excellent tool if it’s going to solve your problem but we haven’t yet defined your problem. A knife is an excellent tool when you’re faced with a steak, not so useful when you’re faced with a bowl of porridge.

Not every problem can be solved with a tool. Sometimes there’s only one tool that will solve the problem and it’s called ‘let’s work smarter’. Come to think of it, there’s also the, “Hey, no machine is going to do your job for you.” tool.

Sometimes the last thing a problem needs is another tool.

Often times it’s not about replacing ourselves – how convenient – but about using tools to enhance the work we do and make us more efficient, whether individually or as a group.

At the end of the day, tools don’t solve problems, humans do.

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