Digital legacies: we’ll all live on


A little while ago I blogged ‘Long Live Digital‘, a spontaneous (even if slightly dark) publishing about what I would, as a tech-savvy and digitally engaged person, leave behind if my life were to end.

It happened this past week that I stumbled upon two tweets in my feed, which were about this exact topic. Bizarre. I had no particular intention on continuing the digital-legacy-themed commenting but these posts are too interesting not to share.

Pen Machine: The last post

A technical writer and designer called Derek Miller had run his blog Pen Machine for over 10 years. His cancer was diagnosed as terminal in late 2010 and he left his family with the instruction to postpartum publish one last and enormously moving post. This is what he wrote: Pen Machine: The last post.

Postgeist: Your Digital Legacy

On a less touching, yet still impressionable, note: Kristin Gräfe, a student in the MFA in Interaction Design Program at the School of Visual Arts in New York, has published her thesis concept called Postgeist – Your Digital Legacy. Kristine says: “With “Postgeist” I created a service that helps collect a digital legacy to pass on long-lasting memories to family and friends.

It’s a beautifully done thesis and one that shows that ‘digital legacies’ are becoming a real-world concern.

And one more

It’s interesting too to see that Sumit Paul-Choudhury was writing about similar issues this May, in The fate of your online soul, published here on World News Australia.

A few last thoughts (for this post)

Previous to writing ‘Long live digital‘ I’d not given thought to my own digital legacy and, still being young, vital and with optimism on my side, I’ll leave this topic here, a little part of my own digital legacy. It does fascinate me however to think that in our world of physical and materially-driven status, that so many of our possessions are becoming an intangible collection of megabytes, pixels and code; they’re almost-things, as etheric as thought, imagination and feeling – external and intangible to us and yet moment-by-moment shaping our experience of the world.

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