Dear Spotify…

Sent to Spotify, 07h52, 1st November 2011:

Dear Spotify,

I‘ve been a Spotify user for around a year – it’s an excellent service. I do however think that you’re missing out on an opportunity to build and maintain a financial relationship with users like me, and thought to take 5 minutes to point it out.

I realise you must have some seriously intelligent brains looking after your business model, but I’m hoping you feel that user feedback is as valuable as I do.

I spend at least £30 per month on music, usually via iTunes. I have now started to purchase credit on Spotify, encouraged over the past month by a perceived return to free and unlimited listening, which unfortunately I saw was not the case but rather a change in how you present things.

An alternate business model:

If you were to give me unlimited listening with the condition that I purchase and spend x amount of pounds on downloads with you per month, I would certainly spend a very good portion of that £30 with you.

Instead, I presently listen to tracks on Spotify until you tell me I’ve run out of time, move on to, and eventually purchase through iTunes because it’s tried and trusted, downloads straight into iTunes, and is the automatic journey presented to me. I often purchase items I first heard on Spotify from iTunes.

It might do you well to alter that purchasing journey by keeping me, and other users like me, within the Spotify brand environment. Certainly if I was encouraged to buy credit, and for that credit able to listen without limit (never mind adverts) and download as I go, I would remain almost exclusively within the Spotify environment.

I’m doubtful that this email will make it to the people who look after your business model; thought to share anyway.

Best regards,

Kate Towsey

Update , 17th April 2012: I never did receive a response from Spotify. Nice one Spotify.

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