Musings: a year’ish on from The DO

The DO 2016

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This is one of those blog posts that I wrote, didn’t like, and never published. I’ve just found it, reread it and thought that it wasn’t too bad afterall. It’s almost an entire year since my first (and thus far only DO) but I feel the words are still true, so let’s set them free.  

The DO Lectures is a super-special unconference set in the rolling hills of South Wales, UK.

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Down gizmos: a wee rant


In our very clever digital age of apps-for-everything it can be tempting to hook ourselves and our clients up to magic and cure-all wonder-machines.

As digital makers we have a plethora of gizmos and gadgets at our disposal to help people and teams get things done more efficiently, creatively and perhaps more delightfully. Read More

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Create waves, not ripples

Create waves, not ripples

‘The work of the Pirate is to create waves, not ripples.’ – @dolectures

As a consultant/freelancer (a Mercenary, a Pirate), I’m often called on to make waves where they’re needed and to steer a content vision through personal undercurrents and political rip curls without inspiring mutiny. Read More

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