The full birdsong: inspired by ‘Strategy on the Inside’

I’ve been inspired to write this post by an online conversation that sparked up over a tweet I sent out last week. The tweet resulted in a multi-person twitter exchange and the writing of two very thoughtful blog posts (one by Rachel Lovinger, the other by Destry Wion) regarding the word ‘strategy’ and whether it is an appropriate title for the kind and variances of the work we as digital and content-focused people get up to – not a new discussion but one that seems to revive with fair regularity. Read More

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Assumption, the mother of all… (an ecommerce content strategy case study)

I recently completed a content strategy project (with my contractors, Exploded View) for an ecommerce client who runs one of the largest online yoga stores in the UK. The project was a first for me in that the content strategy was not attached to a website redesign but instead needed to be completed within the structure of the client’s existing website and ecommerce platform. Their website and ecommerce platform were far from perfect, a point readily admitted by the client, and so much of my work was centred on finding ways to make content production and output vastly more efficient and targeted even if it was that little bit limited by the existing site and system.

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